Monday, September 14, 2009


wrap a napTen Word Review
Shockingly utilitarian. Anoints wearer with the superpower of sleeping anywhere.

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This product needs to come with an illustrated instruction manual, better yet, the person who delivers it should show you how to put it on. Not because it’s complicated--- but because it’s hilarious. When I was first presented with this soft, fleece tube called the Wrap-a-Nap I had no idea what to make of it. With great relish and speed my friend fastened it around his head. I couldn’t stop laughing! He looked like he was enjoying a virtual reality game from the future.

I was eager to try it for myself and as soon as I put it on all conversation stopped--- because I passed the fuck out.

My more skeptical friends soon chimed in, “What? How is this different than just putting a blanket over your head?” Well, for one thing, it stays put. Unlike my expensive silk eye-masks which rip off my face since I toss and turn so much. The Wrap-a-Nap stays snug over my eyes. I’ve tried the blanket method before, it always freaked me out that I was suffocating my face--- I had no such fear with my friendly, “face-hugging” Ferrari-colored plush tube. However, it was disconcerting how much I slept with it on. No amount of natural light could wake me -- rather dangerous. A half an hour nap could turn into a four hour nap easily. Set an alarm.

It’s not terribly comfortable to sleep with the Wrap-a-Nap on top of a pillow. This puppy is made more for travel or whatever sleep taking place not in a bed. However, I found pure bliss when I filled in the crevice of two pillows (laid side by side) with my bulbous, plushy cranium. It was the best sleep I’ve ever had, all 12 hours of it.

Don’t try to sleep with this on in an ultra public area--- like say Bobst, the NYU library where this tube idea came to being. You will look like an intolerable hipster, worst of all, you’ll get no sleep because people will not stop tapping on your shoulder and asking where you got your ingenious head cushion.

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